Legal Research Reports

Law Foundation research reports can also be accessed via the NZLII website.

2022Adversarialism in the Family court: ethics and practiceDr Emily Henderson, Gemma Coutts and Professor Mark Henaghan
2022Removing Disabling Experiences: a vision for the future of our peopleWarren Forster
2022Making Gang Laws in a Panic: Lessons from the 1990s and beyondJarrod Gilbert
2022How we fail children who offend and what to do about it: 'A breakdown across the whole system'. Research and recommendations.Reil, J., Lambie, I., Becroft, A., & Allen, R.
2022What does a world-leading framework of charitites law look like? - Focus on purposeSusan Barker
2022The Breaking Wave: Oceans Reform in Aotearoa New ZealandGreg Severinsen, Raewyn Peart, Bella Rollinson, Tracey Turner & Phoebe Parson
2021Making Aotearoa New Zealand Accessible: A Design for Effective Accessibility LegislationWarren Forster, Tom Barraclough & Curtis Barnes
2021The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Jobs and Work in New ZealandProfessor Colin Gavaghan, Associate Professor Alistair Knott & Professor James Maclaurin, University of Otago
2021Farmed Animal Welfare Law in New Zealand: Investigating the gap between the Animal Welfare Act 1999 and its delegated legislationNew Zealand Animal Law Association
2021The Role of the Intervener in Human Rights CasesSylvia Bell
2021Designing Online Court Forms: Recommendations for Courts and Tribunals in AotearoaToy-Cronin, Bridgette; Nichols, David M; Cunningham, Sally Jo
2021Ka Mapuna - Towards a Rangatiratanga Framework for Governance of WaterwaysBetsan Martin & NZ Maori Council with Linda te Aho
2020Judgments as Data - Automated open-access analytics for decisions of courts and tribunals in New ZealandBarraclough, Tom., Barnes, Curtis., Forster, Warren.
2020Facial Recognition Technology in New ZealandLynch, Nessa., Campbell, Liz., Purshouse, Joe., Betkier, Marcin.
2020A TALE OF TWO RISKS: Risk assessments and treatment of two dangerous long-term New Zealand detaineesEllis, Anthony.
2020EXPERT EVIDENCE ABOUT MEMORY in New Zealand Sexual Violence Trials and Appellate Courts 2001 to 2020Blackwell, Suzanne., Seymour, Fred., Mandeno, Sarah.
2020PARENTING ARRANGEMENTS AFTER SEPARATION STUDY: EVALUATING THE 2014 FAMILY LAW REFORMS - Parents' and Caregivers' Perspectives - PART 1Gollop, Megan., Taylor, Nicola., Cameron, Claire., Liebergreen, Nicola.
2020PARENTING ARRANGEMENTS AFTER SEPARATION STUDY: EVALUATING THE 2014 FAMILY LAW REFORMS - Parents' and Caregivers' Perspectives - PART 2Gollop, Megan., Taylor, Nicola., Liebergreen, Nicola.
2020PARENTING ARRANGEMENTS AFTER SEPARATION STUDY: EVALUATING THE 2014 FAMILY LAW REFORMS Family Justice Professionals' PerspectivesTaylor, Nicola., Gollop, Megan., Liebergreen, Nicola
2020Young Witnesses in New Zealand's Sexual Violence Pilot CourtsRandell, Isabel., Seymour, Fred., McCann, Clare., Anderson, Tamara., Blackwell, Suzanne.
2020Crossover Youth Scoping StudyGeorge, Jennifer
2019PUREA NEI: Changing the Culture of the Legal ProfessionColley, Allanah., Lenard, Ana., McLay, Bridget
2019Evaluation of the Prison Advice Service, CanterburyGordon, Liz. Finn, Jeremy
2019Children's Rights in Aotearoa New Zealand - Reflections on the 30th Anniversary of The Convention on the Rights of the Child24 contributors - presenters/attendees at VUW Symposium: Children's Rights - National and International Contexts Aug 2019
2019A Matter of Security, Privacy and Trust: A study of the principles and values of encryption in New ZealandDizon, Michael., Rumbles, Wayne., Gonzalez, Patricia., McHugh, Philip., Meehan, Anthony.
2019Reform of The Resource Management System - A model for the future - synthesis reportSeverinsen, Greg.
2019Parenting Arrangements after Separation Study - Evaluating the 2014 Family Law Reforms - PARENTS' AND CAREGIVERS' PERSPECTIVES - PART 1Gollop, Megan., Taylor, Nicola., Cameron, Claire., Liebergreen, Nicola.
2019Parliamentary Scrutiny of Human Rights in New Zealand: Glass Half full?McGregor, Judy., Wilson, Margaret
2019Intellectual Property Commercialisation and Protection of Mātauranga Māori in New Zealand Universities - a summary research report Ayoubi, Lida
2019Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Parties in the Courts: A Chinese Case StudyChen, Mai
2019PARENTING ARRANGEMENTS AFTER SEPARATION STUDY: EVALUATING THE 2014 FAMILY LAW REFORMS Family Justice Professionals' PerspectivesTaylor, Nicola., Gollop, Megan., Liebergreen, Nicola
2019Reform of The Resource Management System: A Pathway to Reform - WORKING PAPER 2: A MODEL FOR THE FUTURESeverinsen, Greg
2019Pro Bono - Unlocking potential through the Litigant-in-Person challengeAuckland Community Law Centre (ACLC)
2019Government Use of Artificial Intelligence in New ZealandGavaghan, Colin., Maclaurin, James., Knott, Ali., Zerilli, John., Liddicoat, Joy.
2019Perception inception: Preparing for deepfakes and the synthetic media of tomorrowBarraclough, Tom., Barnes, Curtis.
2019Animal Welfare in New Zealand; Oversight, Compliance and EnforcementRodriguez Ferrere, Marcelo., King, Mike., Mros Larsen, Levi
2019The Reform of The Resource Management System - A Pathway to Reform - WORKING PAPER 1: CRITERIA FOR REFORMSeverinsen, Greg
2019Digital Threats to DemocracyElliot, Marianne., Berentson-Shaw, Jess., Kueln, Kathleen., Salter, Leon., Brownlie, Ella
2019A Strong Legislative Framework? - The 2012 Sale and Supply of Alcohol ActGordon, Liz
2019Structuring for Impact: Evolving Legal Structures for Business in New ZealandHoran, Jane., Hosking, Amber., Moe, Steven., Rowland, Jackson., Wilkie, Phillippa.
2019The Resource Management System the Next Generation - Synthesis ReportSeverinsen, Greg., Peart, Raewyn
2018Regulating Cryptocurrencies in New ZealandSims, Alexandra., Kariyawasam, Kanchana., Mayes, David.
2018Reform of the Resource Management System - The Next Generation - Working Paper 3Severinsen, Greg., Peart, Raewyn - Contributors: Joseph, Robert., Hazledine, Tim., Denne, Tim., Stephens, Theo., Brown Marie.
2018Gender Ratio of Counsel Appearing in Higher Courts -31st August 2018Cooper, Jenny., Schumacher, Gretta
2018A Constitutional Moment - Gene Drive and International GovernanceTerry, Simon., Howard, Stephanie.
2018Reform of The Resource Management System - The Next Generation - Working Paper 2Severinsen, Greg., Peart, Raewyn., Cox, Brooke.
2018Royal Commission into Abuse in State Care - Compilation of ReportsStanley, Elizabeth., Noonan, Rosslyn., Cooper, Sonja., Erueti, Anaru.
2018Disability Legislation and Outcomes - A review of the social and economic impact of disability and accessibility legislation in New Zealand and selected Jurisdictions. NZIER - NZ Institute of Economic Research Inc
2018Reform of the Resource Management System - The Next Generation - Working Paper 1Severinsen, Greg., Peart, Raewyn
2018The Grand Jury of New Zealand in The Nineteenth CenturyTaylor, Greg
2018Rangatahi Maori and Youth Justice - Oranga RangatahiHenwood, Carolyn., George, Jennifer., Cram, Fiona., Ngati Pahauwera., Katoa Ltd Haimona Waititi., Te Whānau-Ā-Apanui., Ngāti Porou., Ngāi Tahu
2018Communication Assistants (Intermediaries) - Structure, training and support - Lessons for New ZealandBonetti, Michelle.
2018Regulation of New Technology: Institutions and ProcessesEvery-Palmer, James.
2017ONE COURT, ONE JUDGE - An Integrated Court System for New Zealand Families Affected by Violence Lawton, Zoe
2017Analysis of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement from a NZ Perspective - Eight Expert PapersBertram, G., Charters, C., Coates, B., Erueti, A., Harre, L., Harvey, D., Hazeldine, T., Holman, A., Johnson, M., Jones, C., Kawharu, A., Kelsey, J., McHaffie, K., Monahan, D., Northey, R., Oram, R., Shaw, J., Terry., S., Ting-Edwards, J.
2017Last Line of Defence - compliance, monitoring and enforcement of New Zealand's environmental lawBrown, Marie A.
2017SOLVING THE PROBLEM: Causation, transparency and access to justice in New Zealand's personal injury systemForster, Warren., Barraclough, Tom., Mijatov, Tiho.
2017Revised Legal Frameworks for Ownership and Use of Multi-Dwelling UnitsToomey, Elizabeth., Finn, Jeremy., France-Hudson, Ben., Ruru, Jacinta.
2017Judging Genes and Choosing Children: revisiting law, ethics and policy in the genomic eraSnelling, Jeanne., Kerruish, Nikki., Lenagh-Glue, Jessie.
2017Finding Ecological Justice in New Zealand Browning, Claire
2017The Wheels of Justice: Understanding the Pace of Civil High Court CasesToy-Cronin, Bridgette., Irvine, Bridget., Stewart, Kayla., Henaghan, Mark.
2017New Zealand Women Judges Oral Histories Project: Part 2Chan, Elizabeth
2017Women Experiencing Discrimination -2016 - Aotearoa New Zealand Non-Governmental Organisations REPORTNational Council of Women of New Zealand
2016Pathways to Prosperity: Safeguarding Biodiversity in DevelopmentBrown, Marie A.
2016First steps - The Experiences and Retention of New Zealand's Junior LawyersPemberton, Joshua
2016Mental Capacity - Updating New Zealand's Law and PracticeDouglass, Alison
2016Barriers to Education in New Zealand: The Rise of Informal Removals of Students in New ZealandWalsh, Jennifer.
2016Study of Grandparents in Family Court Proceedings over their Grandchildren prior to the 2014 Changes to the CourtGordon, Liz
2015Evaluation of the 2014 Family Law Reforms: Phase OneHenaghan, Mark, Gollop, Megan., Taylor, Nicola
2015Fault lines: Human rights in New ZealandMcGregor, Judy., Bell, Sylvia., Wilson Margaret.
2015Understanding the Problem: an Analysis of ACC Appeals Processes to Identify Barriers to Access to Justice for Injured New ZealandersForster, Warren., Powell, Denise., Barraclough, Tom., Mijatov, Tiho
2015Superdiversity, Democracy & New Zealand's Electoral & Referenda LawsChen, Mai
2015Keeping Up Appearances: Accessing New Zealand's Civil Courts as a Litigant in PersonToy-Cronin, Bridgette.
2014Adopting Issues: Final report to the United Nations Committee on the Convention on The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Forster, Warren., Powell, Denise (Dr)., Barraclough, Tom.
2014Better and Better and Better? A Legal and Ethical Analysis of Preventive Detention in New ZealandGavaghan, Colin., Snelling Jeanne., McMillan, John.
2014Developing a more responsive legal system for people with intellectual disability in New ZealandMirfin-Veitch,Brigit., Diesfeld, Kate., Gates, Sue., Henaghan, Mark.
2014New Zealand Coroners' Recommendations 2007-2012Moore, Jennifer., Henaghan, Mark.
2014Women Trailblazers in the Law: The New Zealand Women Judges Oral Histories Project: PART 1Chan, Elizabeth
2013Expert Witnesses Under Examination in the New Zealand Criminal and Family CourtsHenderson, Emily., Seymour, Fred.
2013Safeguarding the Rights of People Detained for Compulsory Psychiatric Treatment - the Role of the District InspectorThom, Katey., Prebble, Kate., Black, Stella., Diesfield, Kate.
2013REPORT 1: A Review of Alcohol and Other Drug Court EvaluationsMeehan, Claire., Thom, Katey., Mills, Alice.
2013REPORT 2: Evaluating Community Justice - a review of research literatureThom, Katey., Mills, Alice., Meehan, Claire., Chetty, Marylin.
2013REPORT 3: Evaluating the Aims, Methods and Results of Indigenous CourtsBlack, Stella., Kidd, Jacquie., Thom, Katey., Meehan, Claire.
2013REPORT 4: Family Violence Courts - a Review of the LiteratureMills, Alice., Thom, Katey., Meehan, Claire., Chetty, Marilyn.
2013REPORT 5: Evaluating Problem-Solving Courts in New Zealand - a Synopsis ReportMills, Alice., Thom, Katey., Meehan, Claire., McKenna, Brian.
2013Shadow Report to the 18th, 19th and 20th consolidated report of the New Zealand Government under the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD)Human Rights Foundation of Aotearoa New Zealand
2012Youth Advocates in Aotearoa/New Zealand's Youth Justice System. - exploring the roles, functions and responsibilities of lawyers for young people. Cleland, Alison
2012PART 1 Parenting Orders in the Family CourtPryor, Jan
2012PART 2 Review of Family Court: the views of Family Court ProfessionalsPryor, Jan., Major, Elizabeth.
2011A Preliminary Study on Civil Case Progression Times in New ZealandLaing, Rachel., Righarts, Saskia., Henaghan, Mark
2011Archiving Our Culture in a Digital Environment: Copyright law and digitisation practices in cultural heritage institutionsCorbett, Susan
2011A Preliminary Study on Civil Case Progression Times in New ZealandLaing, Rachel., Righarts, Saskia., Henaghan, Mark.
2011People with Intellectual Disability in the NZ Legal System - Consultation ProjectMirfin-Veitch, Brigit., Diesfeld, Kate., Henaghan, Mark., Gates, Sue.
2010Behavioural economics and the regulation of consumer credit - Case Study - Second paper of twoTooth, Richard
2010Child Witnesses in the New Zealand Criminal Courts - a review of practice and implications for policyHanna, Kirsten., Davies, Emma., Henderson, Emily., Crothers, Charles., Rotherham, Clare.
2010Implications of behavioural economics for regulatory reform in New Zealand - The Guide - First paper of twoIrwin, Timothy
2010Relocation Following Parental Separation: the welfare and best interests of childrenTaylor, Nicola., Gollop, Megan., Henaghan, Mark.
2009Improving Environmental Governance - the role of an Environmental Protection Authority In NZ Peart, Raewyn
2009Child Inclusion in Dispute Resolution in the New Zealand Family Court - a position paperGoldson, Jill
2007The Use of Survey Evidence in Intellectual Property DisputesProfessor Janet Hoek & Professor Philip Gendall
1999Protecting Our Future - the case for greater regulation of assisted reproductive technologyEdited by Sandra Coney and Anne Else


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