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2022In the absence of a jury - Examining judge-alone rape trialsElisabeth McDonald
2021Covid and the Law in Aotearoa New ZealandLouise Delany
2021Telecommunications Law in New ZealandRobert Clarke & Sean Mosby
2021Taxing the Digital Economy - Theory, Policy and PracticeElliffe, Craig
2021A Citizen's Guide to Artificial Intelligence Zerilli, John (Author); Danaher, John (Contributor); MacLaurin, James (Contributor); Gavaghan, Colin (Contributor); Knott, Alistair (Contributor); Liddicoat, Joy (Contributor); Noorman, Merel (Contributor)
2021Does Aotearoa New Zealand Need an Oceans Policy for Modern Oceans Governance? 35 (2021) OCEAN YEARBOOK (forthcoming, circa 27,000 words) (refereed article).Scott Karen N.
2021Extradition Law in New ZealandNeil Boister
2021He Kupu Taurangi - Treaty Settlements and the Future of Aotearoa New ZealandChristopher Finlayson and James Christmas
2021Resolution on the Equality of Parties Before International Investment TribunalsCampbell McLachlan
2020Environmental Courts and Tribunals - Powers, Integrity and the Search for LegitimacyWarnock, Ceri.
2020The Conflict of Laws in New ZealandHook, Maria., Wass, Jack.
2020ANTARCTIC TREATY SYSTEMS - ACHIEVEMENTS AND PROSPECTS - Special Issue Waikato Law Review - Taumauri - Vol 27, 2019Daya-Winterbottom, Trevor (Ed.). Haward, Marcus., Jabour, Julia., Karim, Sheikh Mohammad Towhidul., Tomossy, George., Murphy, Ashley., Mohamed, Sharif Saeedah Syed., Farrar, John (Authors)
2020Land Registration and Title Security in the Digital Age - New Horizens for TorrensGrinlinton, David., Thomas, Rod. (Eds)
2020Rape Myths as Barriers to Fair Trial Process: Comparing adult rape trials with those of the Aotearoa Sexual Violence Court PilotMcDonald, Elisabeth., Benson-Greig, Paulette., Souness, Rachel
2020Justice & Race - Campaigns against racism and abuse in Aotearoa New ZealandSutherland, Oliver
2020Assessment of Mental Capacity - A New Zealand Guide for Doctors and LawyersDouglass, Alison., Young, Greg., McMillan, John.
2019New Zealand Journal of Public and International Law - SPECIAL CONFERENCE ISSUE: 26TH ANNUAL ANZSIL CONFERENCE - FROM LOCAL TO THE GLOBAL (17) 1Costi, Alberto (Ed). Dong, Yao., Elias, Sian., Fowler, Rosie., French, Robert., Palmer, Emma., Smith, Stephen Eliot (Contributors).
2019Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform - An International Law ResponseRive, Vernon JC
2019Perspectives on Commercial Surrogacy in New Zealand - Ethics, Law, Policy and RightsMasselot, Annick., Powell, Rhonda. (Eds.)
2019Indigenous Water Rights in Law and Regulation - Lessons from Comparative ExperienceMacPherson, Elizabeth Jane
2019Mental Capacity Law in New ZealandReuvecamp, Iris., Dawson, John.(Eds)
2019The Object and Purpose of Intellectual Property - ATRIP Intellectual Property SeriesFrankel, Susy. (Ed.). Contributors: Ann, C., Bagley, M.A., Bixio, M.L., Cadogan, M.S., Frankel, S., Klien, J., Lai, J.C., Moscon, V., Nordburg, A., Nwauche, E., Pacud, Z., Richardson, M., Thomas, J., Tischner, A., Wallberg, K., Wilkinson, G., Wiputhanu
2019Social Security & Welfare Law in Aotearoa, New ZealandStephens, Mamari
2019Without Prejudice: Same Issue - New Cover 1896-2018 (originally published 1996)Gatfield, Gill
2019Shirley Smith: An Examined LifeGaitanos, Sarah
2019Reform of the Resource Management System - The Next Generation - Synthesis ReportSeverinsen, Greg., Peart, Raewyn
2019Indigenous Peoples and the State - International Perspectives on the Treaty of WaitangiHickford, Mark., Jones, Carwyn. (eds)
2019Special issue of New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations 43(2)Masselot, Annick., Inglis, Christina., Fudge, Judy., Shaw, Coral., Sarina, Troy., Riley, Joellen., Roth, Paul., Barrett, Jonathan., Reilly, Amanda., Blackham, Alysia., Dale, Ashleigh.
2018BREXIT: A Legal Perspective with Particular Reference to New Zealand - New Zealand Journal of Public and International Law Vol 16, No. 1, Nov 2018Basedow, Jurgen
2018Special Symposium Issue - THE DYNAMIC EVOLUTION OF INTERNATIONAL LAW - Victoria University of Wellington Law Review Vol 49 No. 4 Nov 2018McLachlan, Campbell (Ed)
2018Fitness to Plead: International and Comparative PerspectivesMacKay, Ronnie., Brookbanks, Warren. (eds)
2018Realising the Potential of Driverless Vehicles - recommendations for law reformCameron, Michael
2018Where did it algo wrong? The threat and promise of predictive analyticsColin Gavaghan
2018Towards Democratic Renewal - Ideas for Constitutional Change in New ZealandPalmer, Geoffrey., Butler, Andrew.
2018For the Good of the Game - Finnigan v NZRFU 1985Bookman, Sam
2018New Zealand Business Law Quarterly Special Issue Vol 24 No.3 September 2018Chamberlain, Nikki., Noonan, Chris., Nicoll, Chris (Eds). Fitzpatrick, Brian T., Morabito, Vince., Stewart, Malcolm., Nicoll, Chris. (Authors).
2018New Zealand Business Law Quarterly Special Issue Vol 24 No.2 June 2018Chamberlain, Nikki., Noonan, Chris., Nicoll, Chris (Eds). White, Douglas., Waye, Vicki., Chamberlain, Nikki (Authors).
2017Law and Policy in Modern Family Finance - Property Division in the 21st CenturyPalmer, Jessica., Peart, Nicola., Biggs, Margaret., Henaghan, Mark. (eds).
2017Global Simplification of Extradition: Interviews with Selected Extradition Experts in New Zealand, Canada, The US and EUBoister, Neil
2017This Realm of New Zealand - The Sovereign, the Governor-General, the CrownQuentin-Baxter, Alison., McLean, Janet
2017Yearbook of New Zealand Jurisprudence - Special Issue Indigenous Access to Justice - Volume 15 2017Marchetti, Elena., Bargallie, Debbie., Toki, Valmaine., Borrows, John., Hemi, Keaka., Toki, Kiri., Stein, Linda Hasan., Iorns, Catherine.
2017International Indigenous Rights in Aotearoa New ZealandErueti, Andrew (Ed.)
2017Capital Gains Taxation - a Comparative Analysis of Key IssuesLittlewood, Michael., Eliffe Craig. (Eds.)
2017Feminist Judgments of Aotearoa New Zealand - Te Rino: A Two-Stranded RopeMcDonald, Elisabeth., Powell, Rhonda., Stephens, Mamari., Hunter, Rosemary, (Eds.).
2017Victoria University of Wellington Law Review, 48(2), Oct 2017. Special 2016 ALTA Conference Issue: Advancing Better Government, Sustainable Economies, Vibrant Communities: Law's RoleCosti, Albeto., Scott, Paul G. (Eds.)
2017Juridical Encounters: Maori and the Colonial Courts, 1840-1852Dorsett, Shaunnagh
2017Judging Genes and Choosing Children: revisiting law, ethics and policy in the genomic eraSnelling, Jeanne., Kerruish, Nikki., Lenagh-Glue, Jessie
2017New Zealand Women Judges Oral Histories Project: Part 2Chan, Elizabeth
2017The New Zealand ProjectHarris, Max
2017The Law and You - A Guide for Youth & AdolescentsCommunity Law Waikato
2017Mistakes about Mistake of Fact: The New Zealand StoryWilberg, Hanna
2016New Zealand - AQUACULTURE LAW AND POLICY: GLOBAL, REGIONAL AND NATIONAL PERSPECTIVES (peer reviewed book chapter) 313 - 335Scott Karen N. (author). Bankes Nigel., Dahl, Irene., VanderZwaag, David (eds).
2016Evolving MPA Management in New Zealand: Between Principle and Pragmatism 47(3) (2016) OCEAN DEVELOPMENT AND INTERNATIONAL LAW 289 - 307 (refereed article)Scott, Karen N.
2016The Evolution of Marine Spatial Planning in New Zealand: Past Present and Possible Future 31 (2016) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MARINE AND COASTAL LAW 652 - 689 (refereed article).Scott Karen N.
2016A Constitution for Aotearoa New ZealandPalmer, Geoffrey., Butler, Andrew.
2016Law, Ethics and Medicine: Essays in honour of Peter SkeggHenaghan, Mark., Wall, Jesse. (Eds.).
2016Toolkit for Assessing Mental CapacityDouglass, Alison., Young, Greg., McMillan, John.
2016Mental Capacity - Updating New Zealand's Law and PracticeDouglass, Alison
2016Pathways to Prosperity - safeguarding biodiversity in developmentBrown, Marie A.
2016Human Rights in New Zealand - emerging faultlinesMcGregor, Judy., Bell, Sylvia., Wilson, Margaret.
2016The Search for Certaintly: Essays in Honour of John SmillieGriffiths, Shelley., Henaghan, Mark., Ferrere, M.B. Rodriguez. (Eds.).
2016Conference Proceedings: Maritime Law in the Asia-Pacific Region, held 25-26 Feb, 2016 Victoria University of WellingtonMarten, Bevan; Ringbom, Henrik; Forrest, Craig; Chen, Chen-Ju; Shan, Hong Jun; Liang, Yun; Zhengliang Hu, James; Sun, Siqi; Kozuka, Souichirou; Sooksrinaisamkit, Poomintr.
2016New Zealand Journal of Public and International Law - Special Symposium (Dec 2015) Issue Vol 14 (1) (2016)New Zealand Centre for Public Law
2016Coroners' Recommendations and the Promise of Saved LivesMoore, Jennifer
2016Patent Law and PolicyFrankel, Susy; Lai, Jessica.
2016The Continental Shelf Beyond 200 Nautical Miles - Rights and Responsibilities. UK: Oxford University PressMossop, Joanna.
2016Special Issue of Victoria University of Wgtn Law Review: Papers from the 2016 New Zealand Private Law Roundtable Part 1, Volume 47, Number 2, September 2016.Palmer, Jessica., Austin, Graeme. (Eds.)
2016Special Issue of Victoria University of Wellington Law Review: Papers from the 2016 New Zealand Private Law Roundtable Part 2, Volume 47, Number 3, November 2016Palmer, Jessica., Austin, Graeme. (Eds.)
2016Otago Law Review 2016, Vol 14, No. 2, 257-328Virgo, Graham; Havelock, Rohan; Devonshire, Peter; Scott, Struan
2015Vanishing Nature: facing New Zealand's biodiversity crisisBrown, Marie A., Stephens, R T Theo., Peart, Raewyn., Fedder, Bevis.
2015Without a Lawyer in the Family CourtAdams, John
2015Legal Response to Natural DisastersFinn, Jeremy., Toomey, Elizabeth
2015Test Tubes for Global Intellectual Property Issues - Small Market EconomiesFrankel, Susy
2015The FIRE EconomyKelsey, Jane
2015Search for Environmental Justice - The IUCN Academy of Environmental Law SeriesMartin, Paul., Bigdeli, Sadeq., Daya-Winterbottom Trevor., du Plessis, Willemien., Kennedy, Amanda. (Eds.)
2015The Supreme Court of New Zealand 2004-2013Russell, Mary-Rose., Barber, Matthew. (Eds.).
2015The Collection and Retention of DNA from Suspects in New ZealandLynch, Nessa., Campbell, Liz.
2015Health Law in New ZealandPaterson, Ron., Skegg, Peter. (Eds.)
2015Native Land Court Volume 2 1888-1909: A Historical Study, Cases and CommentaryBoast, Richard
2015Legal Māori Resource Hub Te Kaupapa reo-a-Ture The Legal Māori Project
2014Framing the Commons: Cross Cutting Issues in Regulation (Vol 3 Regulatory Reform Project)Frankel, Susy (Professor)., Yeabsley, John. (Eds.).
2014Foreign Relations LawMcLachlan, Campbell
2014Prendergast: Legal Villain?Morris, Grant
2014New Zealand's Gift to the World - The Youth Justice Family Group ConferenceHenwood, Carolyn (Judge)., Stratford, Stephen.
2014New Zealand Journal of Public and International Law (2014) Vol 12Fischer, D. H., Sharp, A., Barker F., McMillan, K., Boast, R. P., Dorsett, S., Gussen, B.F., Hickford, M., Jones, C., Palmer, G., Williams, D. V.
2014Research Management Theory and Practice 2014.Palmer, Geoffrey., Alias, S., Horn, Laura., Counsell, Kevin and Mellop, James., Jackson, Jon., Wheen, Nicola., Sila, Munyao., Solomon, Timothy., Ruru, Jacinta., Sax, Joseph. (2015) RESEARCH MANAGEMENT THEORY AND PRACTICE 2014. Auckland, NZ: Thomson Reuter
2014Women Trailblazers in the Law: The New Zealand Women Judges Oral Histories Project: PART-1Chan, Elizabeth
2013Marine Protected Areas in the Southern Ocean. THE LAW OF THE SEA AND POLAR REGIONS: INTERACTION BETWEEN GLOBAL AND REGIONAL REGIMES (peer reviewed book chapter) 113 - 137Scott Karen N. (author). Oude Elferink, Alex., Molenaar, Erik., Rothwell, Donald R (eds).
2013Recalibrating Behaviour: Smarter Regulation in a Global World (Vol 2 Regulatory Reform Project)Frankel, Susy (Professor)., Ryder, Deborah. (Eds.)
2013Reform - a memoir / Geoffrey PalmerPalmer, G.W.R
2013New Zealand's Mental Health Act in PracticeDawson, John., Gledhill, Kris. (Eds.)
2013Environmental Law for a Sustainable Society - Second Edition - Monograph Series: Vol 1Bosselmann, Klaus., Grinlinton, David., Taylor, Prue. (Eds.)
2013The Native Land Court - A Historical Study, Cases and Commentary 1862-1887Boast, Richard
2013Voices of New Zealand's Women Judges: Oral History Project. Oral History in New Zealand.Glazebrook, Susan
2012The Good Doctor - What patients wantPaterson, Ron (Professor)
2012Real Rape to Real Justice: Prosecuting rape in New ZealandMcDonald, Elisabeth., Tinsley, Yvette. (Eds.)
2012Wonders of the Sea - The protection of New Zealand's Marine MammalsMulcahy,Kate.,Peart,Raewyn.
2012Treaty of Waitangi SettlementsWheen, Nicola R., Hayward, Janine. (Eds.)
2012Antarctic Securtity in the Twenty-First Century - Legal and policy perspectivesHemmings Alan D., Rothwell Donald R., Scott Karen N. (Eds.)
2011What's the Hurry? - Urgency in the New Zealand Legislative Process 1987-2010Geiringer, Claudia., Higbee, Polly., McLeay, Elizabeth.
2011Learning from the Past, Adapting for the Future: Regulatory Reform in New Zealand (Vol 1 Regulatory Reform Project)Frankel, Susy (Professor). (Ed.).
2011New Zealand Law Style Guide (2nd Edition)Mclay, Geoff., Murray, Christopher., Orpin, Jonathan.
2011Law into Action: economic, social and cultural rights in Aotearoa New ZealandBedggood, Margaret., Gledhill, Kris. (Eds.)
2011The New Zealand Judicial Review HandbookSmith, Matthew
2011We,the People(s) - Participation In GovernanceCharters, Claire., Knight, Dean. (Eds.)
2011Lords of the Land - indigenous property rights and the jurisprudence of empire. Oxford and New York: Oxford University PressHickford, Mark
2011A Simple Nullity? The Wi Parata Case in New Zealand Law and HistoryWilliams, David V.
2011Reconstituting the ConstitutionMorris, Caroline.,Boston, Jonathan., Butler, Petra.(Eds.)
2011Property Rights and Sustainability - the evolution of property rights to meet ecological challengesGrinlinton, David., Taylor, Prue. (Eds.)
2010Human Rights in the Prevention and Punishment of TerrorismConte, Alex
2010No Ordinary Deal - Unmasking the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade AgreementKelsey, Jane. (Ed.)
2010Educating for the Profession - Law at Canterbury 1873-1973Finn, Jeremy.
2010Youth and the Law 2010 - a comprehensive guide to the law relating to young people from birth to adulthood. 4th Edition.Educational Resources
2010Special Edition of The Canterbury Law Review: Trans-Tasman Law and Legal Practice, Volume 16, 2010, 1-184Toomey, Elizabeth. (Ed.).
2009The Cartwright Papers essays on the cervicial cancer inquiry 1987 to 88Manning, Joanna.
2009The New Zealand Journal of Public and International Law - Volume 7 - Number 1 - June 2009 - Special Conference Issue: MMP and the ConstitutionBoston, Jonathan and Bullock, David., Geddis, Andrew., Joseph, Philip A., Kaiser, Andre., Levine, Stephen and Roberts, Nigel S., Malone, Ryan., Miller, Raymond and Vowles, Jack., McHugh, PG.
2009New Zealand Yearbook of International Law, Volume 6, 2008 - Special section titled Colloquium: Responding to Contemporary Challenges and Threats to Antarctic Security: Legal and Policy PerspectivesRothwell, Donald R and Nasu, Hitoshi., Joyner, Christopher C., French, Duncan., Hemmings, Alan D., Jabour, Jullia., Scott, Karen.
2009In the Footsteps of Ethel Benjamin - New Zealand's first woman lawyerNovember, Janet.
2009Patent Law Reform: Getting it Right to Support and Drive Innovation. The Journal of World Intellectual Property, Special Issue, Vol 12 (5).Dreyfuss, Rochelle C., Gervais, Daniel J., Palombi, Luigi., Richardson, Megan., Monotti, Ann L., Frankel, S., Rotstein, Fiona and Dent, Chris., Weatherall, Kimberlee., Glazebrook, Susan.
2009BOOK 4 - Genes, Society and the Future - Volume 3Human Genome Research Team, University of Otago
2007Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights IN NEW ZEALANDConte, Alex
2007BOOK 2 - Genes, Society and the Future - Volume 1Human Genome Research Team, University of Otago
2007BOOK 3 - Genes, Society and the Future - Volume 2Human Genome Research Team, University of Otago
2006BOOK 1: Choosing Genes for Future Children - Regulating Preimplantation Genetic DiagnosisHuman Genome Research Team, University of Otago
1999The Honourable Henry Greathead Rex Mason QC CMG 1885 - 1975 - Attorney General 1935-1949 and Minister of Justice 1957-1960Round, Derek
1999The Right Honourable Frank O'Flynn QC 1918-2003 - Minister of Defence; Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs; Minister of State - 1984-1989Round, Derek
1999Sir Leslie Knox Munro KCMG KCVO 1901-1974 - President of the Auckland District Law Society; Editor of the New Zealand Herald; Ambassador to the United States; Permanent Representative to the United Nations; President of the U.N. General Assembly and SecurRound, Derek
1999The Honourable Dr Allan Martyn Finlay QC - 1912-1999 - Attorney-General 1972-1975Round, Derek


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