Media links related to the project and its work will be progressively listed here.

2019VUW Law Alumni Magazine 2019: Facing up to the challenges of technology
2019Newsroom Ideasroom: When facial recognition goes wrong
2019RNZ: Private information at risk from laws allowing access encrypted data
2019Scoop: Government's power to order decryption must respect privacy
2019Scimex: How do we balance information security and privacy with the law?
2019NBR: Don't compel businesses to weaken encryption, Waikato Uni says
2019No Right Turn: Encryption, passwords, and self-incrimination
2019Voxy: Government's power to order decryption must respect privacy
2019Stuart Corner at Computerworld: Government encryption-busting powers should be curbed, study says
2019Craig Stephen at LawTalk: There's no reason why you can't bring justice closer to the people
2019Legal technology project to transform legal education in NZ
2019Ian Hall at Global Government Forum - UK regulators: machine learning deployments set to double in financial services
2019VUW Law School: Expert panel on automatic facial recognition technology - legal and ethical issues
2019PrivacyLive: Artificial intelligence and its use in Government
2019Joel MacManus on Stuff: Why a pastor who abused children served half as much prison time as a low-level cannabis dealer
2019Katie Kenny at Stuff: The fine line between Facebook fun and undermining democracy
2019RadioNZ Nine to Noon (Kathryn Ryan interviews Curtis Barnes) - DeepNude app: Is the genie out of the bottle?
2019Cath Gilmour at Crux: Social media giants could disrupt NZ elections
2019Chris Keall at NZ Herald: NZ expert sounds warning after DeepNude app goes viral
2019Chris Keall at NZ Herald: Artist tests Facebook's mettle with deep-fake video of Mark Zuckerberg
2019Brittney Deguara at Stuff: Has an elf or alien been caught on film or is this just another hoax
2019Mike Houlahan at ODT: Talking tech, cheese rolls and scones
2019Natalie Leal at Global Government Forum: New report calls for New Zealand AI watchdog
2019Geoff Maslen at University World News: Independent watchdog key to monitor artificial intelligence
2019NZ Law Society: Regulation of government AI algorithms needed, says report
2019University of Auckland - Visit by LRF Visiting Scholar Anne SY Cheung
2019John Gibb at ODT - Report warns of AI use by Government
2019Stuart Corner on Computerworld NZ: Law Foundation report calls for oversight of Government use of AI
2019Chris Burt at Biometric Update: Link Comment Academics call on New Zealand to regulate AI as Brookings issues guidance
2019RNZ Nine to Noon, Kathryn Ryan interviews Colin Gavaghan - Govt algorithm use growing, regulation needed: study
2019John Zerilli on The Conversation and Sciblogs: Call for independent watchdog to monitor NZ government use of artificial intelligence
2019Brittany Keogh at Stuff - Independent watchdog needed to probe Government's use of AI: law, computer science experts
2019University of Otago: Guidelines and regulator needed to avoid risks in government AI use, study finds
2019Dan Satherley and Ella Prendergast on Newshub: Are we letting computers make too many big decisions?
2019Voxy: Guidelines and regulator needed to avoid risks in govt AI use - study
2019Scoop: Regulator needed to avoid risks in government AI use
2019Science Media Centre: Government use of Artificial Intelligence - Expert Reaction
2019NewstalkZB: NZ researchers are emphasising the importance of accuracy and transparency in terms of the Government's use of algorithms
2019NBR (Paywall): Both companies and personal privacy need protecting in age of 'deepfakes'
2019NZ Law Society: Research report looks at "deepfakes" and synthetic media
2019Scoop: Resist rushing to new 'deepfake' law, study finds
2019Chris Keall at NZ Herald: NZ study highlights the risk of 'deep fakes' on social media - and why our lawmakers should leave it alone
2019RadioNZ Morning Report: Deepfakes, synthetic media a threat to democracy
2019Sara Barker at NZ Future Five, IT Brief & bizEDGE: Deepfakes the 'next wave of concern' - but can law really stomp it out?
2019Katie Fitzgerald at Newshub: 'Deepfake' videos could be next social media minefield - researchers
2019Science Media Centre: Deepfake and the law - Expert Reaction
2019Newsroom Op-ed (Paywall): Don't believe everything you see, or hear
2019Michael Daly at Stuff - Deepfakes and synthetic media: The new age of disinformation is growing
2019Devdiscourse News Desk - Govt should be cautious about moving to new deepfake law: study
2019Charlotte Carter at Stuff: Deepfakes and synthetic media an 'abiding concern' - political scientist
2019APO (Analysis and Policy Observatory), Australia - Perception inception: preparing for deepfakes and the synthetic media of tomorrow
2019RadioNZ Nine to Noon, Kathryn Ryan and Gavin Ellis: Deepfakes - when you shouldn't believe your eyes
2019Marianne Elliott at The Spinoff: Christchurch Call is a small, welcome step. Here's what needs to come next
2019NewstalkZB: Christchurch Call already having impact - but will it go far enough?
2019Jacinda Ardern's Christchurch Call: Algorithms remain in control, and secret
2019RNZ - Facebook: a tiny step in reining in a Goliath of global power
2019Science Media Centre: Christchurch Call re Expert Reaction (Marianne Elliott; Alistair Knott)
2019Brittany Keogh at Stuff - Social media influences New Zealanders' opinions on politics and hurts democracy, study says
20191 News at Six, TVNZ (Monday 13 May 2019): Marianne Elliott, Researcher
2019LawTalk: Aotearoa's future courts: should online courts be our future?
2019RadioNZ Nine to Noon: Digital threats to democracy
2019NZ Law Society News: Social media controls need wider approach, says study
2019Chris Keall at NZ Herald - Jacinda Ardern's 'Christchurch Call' Paris summit will fall short: researcher
2019Simon Collins at NZ Herald - Jacinda Ardern urged to tame Facebook and YouTube programs that feed extremist content
2019Amber-Leigh Woolf at Stuff - PM Jacinda Ardern's 'Christchurch Call' falls short of the scale of terror online
2019Jamie Ensor at Mediaworks NZ - Ardern's social media Christchurch Call falls short: report
2019NewstalkZB: Social media algorithms under fire for feeding people extremist content
2019Scoop - Mobilise citizens to rein in social media, study finds
2019Peter Griffin at Noted - Government needs to do more to counter digital threats to democracy - Reining in social media giants
2019Call for lawyers to test New Zealand's potential online courts
2019John Gibb at ODT - Fighting prejudice on social media difficult: academic
2019LawTalk: Taking law and technology teaching to all students
2019Science Media Centre: Live-streaming of traumatic events re Expert Reaction (Alistair Knott; Marianne Elliott)
2019LawTalk: Regulating fake news and video
2019Marianne Elliott on Newsroom: Twitter's 'huge fail' on online abuse
2018Jamie Morton at NZ Herald: The eight biggest myths about driverless cars
2018University of Waikato: What do Kiwis think of encryption?
2018Katie Kenny at Stuff: Algorithms are everywhere but the public sector seems scared to use them
2018Tom Barraclough & Curtis Barnes (Opinion on Stuff): Could the Acosta video be the start of a worrying trend?
2018Annie Gray (Management): article about ILAPP-funded research on cryptocurrencies
2018Newstalk ZB: Government and Reserve Bank urged to embrace cryptocurrency
2018NBR: Cryptocurrencies are 'here to stay', so govt should get used to it
2018University of Auckland: NZ needs to jump on blockchain train
2018New Zealand Professors Advocate for Crypto-Friendly Blockchain Regulations
2018Katie Kenny on Stuff Interactive: Move Fast, But First, Do No Harm
2018Stuart Corner (Computerworld NZ): NZ Government urged to adopt cryptocurrency
2018Sarah Putt at Computerworld: Blockchain more transformative than internet - researcher
2018LawTalk: Cryptocurrency encouragement recommended
2018Science Media Centre: Cryptocurrencies here to stay - Expert Reaction
2018Kryptomoney: New Zealand Law Foundation Report Suggests Accepting Cryptocurrency
2018RadioNZ Nine to Noon Interview: NZ urged to embrace cryptocurrency: new report
2018TVNZ Breakfast: Experts urge NZ Government to get behind new crypto-currency technology
2018Peter Griffin: The case for New Zealand's own cryptocurrency Researchers call for the Reserve Bank, retail banks and other regulators to be kicked into gear to ensure NZ doesn't miss the blockchain boat
2018Sara Barker - All aboard the blockchain train: Academic says NZ needs to catch up fast
2018Andrew Munro - New Zealand Law Foundation-funded research says it's time to do cryptocurrency
2018RNZ Morning Report's Business News (Interviewer: Nona Pelletier)
2018LawFuel - Artificial Intelligence & The Law: Will It Take Us To Dark Places Too?
2018University of Waikato: Researchers argue backdoors violate encryption principles
2018Jamie Morton at NZ Herald: New call for companies to front up over data mining
2018LawTalk: Foundation's early investment in technology research bears fruit
2018University of Otago: Researching the costs and benefits of artificial intelligence
2018Thinking Outside the (Black) Box. The Problems and Perils of Algorithmic Decision-making - Kirby Seminar
2018Sarah Putt at Computerworld: Director of NZLF's Emerging Tech Centre speaks on issues about the rise of algorithms at Privacy Forum
2018John Gibb: Chance to lead ethical use of AI
2018Otago Experts have been invited by Government to work on AI Framework
2018Government is formalising its relationship with the Law Foundation Centre for Law and Policy in Emerging Technologies
2018University of Waikato: Investigating the written and unwritten laws of encryption
2018Jamie Morton: Call for Govt data-mining watchdog
2018Realising the Potential of Driverless Vehicles - recommendations for reform
2018Colin Gavaghan on Pundit: Where did it algo wrong? The threat and promise of predictive analytics
2018Research on Regulation of New Technology: Institutions and Processes There is a simple reason for blockchain's spectacular rate of development, says Alex Sims. No patents
2018Mike Houlahan at ODT: AI 'engine of 4th industrial revolution'
2018University of Waikato: Deciphering the encryption dilemma
2018He Kitenga University of Otago: AI and Responsibility
2018Mike Houlahan at ODT: Medical technology could leave law behind, professor says
2018RadioNZ: Civil disputes online? Objection!
2017Alex Sims (Opinion on Stuff): Forget Bitcoin, Blockchain technology is much bigger
2017Dunedin Roundtable on Uses of Artificial Intelligence in the Criminal Justice System
2017Is AI racist? Can we trust it? Is it dangerous to rely on AI?
2017Susan Edmunds on Stuff - Bitcoin price fall: Is it the beginning of the end?
2017Stuart Corner on Computerworld NZ: Waikato Uni team to research governments' power to order decryption
2017Matt Nippert on NZ Herald: Teen's under-fire cryptocurrency offer withdrawn
2017Madison Reidy on Stuff - Tax on robots that take jobs would be 'stupid': manufacturers
2017Oxford Roundtable on Uses of Artificial Intelligence in the Criminal Justice System
2017Frances Cook at NZ Herald - Cooking the Books podcast: Why you should be keeping an eye on bitcoin
2017LawTalk: Tackling policy challenges of the information age
2017Farmers Weekly: Blockchain could save billions
2017Mike Houlahan: Abandoning driver's seat to cut the road toll
2017Controversial Blockchain system now available in NZ
2017 Michael Cameron in The Listener: "Look Ma - No Hands" - options for reforming the law to facilitate safe and successful deployment of autonomous vehicles
2017Radio NZ Nine to Noon: Is ACC 'passing the buck' with prediction based evaluations?
2017University of Otago: ACC's computer-aided decision-making questioned by Otago experts
2017Computer decision-making 'a real risk' - experts
2017On the road to driverless cars
2017The long game: Re-engineering your business for artificial intelligence
2017Presentation to The Treasury: The Disruptive Potential of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology
2017Auckland University Professor: Government Must Regulate Bitcoin & Ethereum
2017The rise of Artificial Intelligence
2017Auckland University Associate Professor Alex Sims on why the Government needs to get up with the play and start regulating cryptocurrencies
2017Getting to grips with artificial intelligence
2017Cybercurrency exchange offers more than bitcoin for New Zealand dollars
2017New projects prepare NZ for the information revolution
2017Major new study to tackle artificial intelligence law and policy
2016Cryptocurrency in crossfire as surge in dodgy transactions reported to police intel
2016Blockchain: Regulating a game-changing technology
2016Three new projects funded from the ILAPP Fund
2016Cryptocurrency, in Quarterly Typology Report Q1, Financial Intelligence Unit, NZ Police
2016Trans-Tasman banking and legal experts focus on blockchain
2016Auckland University academic leading research project on regulating digital currencies keen to see consumers, not just banks, benefit
2016Blockchain rules: regulating a game-changing new technology
2016Regulating revolutionary new digital currencies
2016Determining our future: Artificial Intelligence
2016Research is Underway on Regulating New Digital Currencies
2016New project to prepare NZ for technology change impacts
2016Unveils ILAPP project
2016$2 million information law research fund launched
2016NZ Law Foundation launches $2M information law and policy research fund
2016Information Law and Policy Project launched - an important contribution
2016$2m fund launched to support IT law policy
2016New $2M fund for research on information challenges


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