Media links related to the project and its work will be progressively listed here.

2017Dunedin Roundtable on Uses of Artificial Intelligence in the Criminal Justice System
2017Is AI racist? Can we trust it? Is it dangerous to rely on AI?
2017Oxford Roundtable on Uses of Artificial Intelligence in the Criminal Justice System
2017Bitcoin price fall: Is it the beginning of the end?
2017Waikato Uni team to research governments’ power to order decryption
2017Teen's under-fire cryptocurrency offer withdrawn
2017Tax on robots that take jobs would be 'stupid': manufacturers
2017Cooking the Books podcast: Why you should be keeping an eye on bitcoin
2017Tackling policy challenges of the information age
2017Blockchain could save billions
2017Controversial Blockchain system now available in NZ
2017Abandoning driver's seat to cut the road toll
2017 “Look Ma – No Hands”
2017Is ACC 'passing the buck' with prediction based evaluations?
2017ACC’s computer-aided decision-making questioned by Otago experts
2017Computer decision-making 'a real risk' - experts
2017The long game: Re-engineering your business for artificial intelligence
2017On the road to driverless cars
2017Auckland University Professor: Government Must Regulate Bitcoin & Ethereum
2017Presentation to The Treasury: The Disruptive Potential of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology
2017Getting to grips with artificial intelligence
2017Auckland University Associate Professor Alex Sims on why the Government needs to get up with the play and start regulating cryptocurrencies
2017Cybercurrency exchange offers more than bitcoin for New Zealand dollars
2017New projects prepare NZ for the information revolution
2017The rise of Artificial Intelligence
2017Major new study to tackle artificial intelligence law and policy
2016Cryptocurrency in crossfire as surge in dodgy transactions reported to police intel
2016Blockchain: Regulating a game-changing technology
2016Cryptocurrency, in Quarterly Typology Report Q1, Financial Intelligence Unit, NZ Police
2016Three new projects funded from the ILAPP Fund
2016Trans-Tasman banking and legal experts focus on blockchain
2016Auckland University academic leading research project on regulating digital currencies keen to see consumers, not just banks, benefit
2016Blockchain rules: regulating a game-changing new technology
2016Regulating revolutionary new digital currencies
2016Determining our future: Artificial Intelligence
2016Research is Underway on Regulating New Digital Currencies
2016New project to prepare NZ for technology change impacts
2016Unveils ILAPP project
2016$2 million information law research fund launched
2016NZ Law Foundation launches $2M information law and policy research fund
2016Information Law and Policy Project launched – an important contribution
2016$2m fund launched to support IT law policy
2016New $2M fund for research on information challenges


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